Once we’ve worked closely with you to develop a gameplan for your dream outdoor living space, the next step is tying all the intricate pieces together—both natural and functional—into a cohesive, harmonious ensemble worth preserving.  With years of installation experience under our belt paired with our keen eye for exterior design and aesthetics, our landscape designers will take those ideation sessions and stacks of blueprints and turn them into a living, breathing extension of home and heart.

Your legacy awaits.

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Landscape Installation

In addition to our team of landscape designers and architects, DTA Landscape also offers construction and installation services in order to bring it all together.  After receiving all costs related to the installation of your project, we will prepare an accurate cost estimate and contract for your review.

At this point, we will work with you to establish a final “investment” amount.  If need be, we will provide you with advice on a phasing strategy for the project.  Next, we will create a detailed timeline for your project.  This helps with understanding the sequence of construction activities to come.

Finally, we will supervise all aspects of the installation process for your landscape project, including all subcontracted services.  Throughout the whole process, we’ll stay connected with you, answer any questions you have, and keep you updated on the progress of your job.

Most importantly, we’ll work around the clock to guarantee your full satisfaction from start to finish.

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