Project Description

This Plymouth rambler was due for a fresh new facelift. This client wanted a new look for the front yard and the backyard at the same time. The back yard had an old attached deck off of the porch that gave them not much access down to the yard. So we decided that the best solution was to remove the old deck and build a “transitional” surface between the porch and a new concrete paver patio with a built-in fire pit. The front yard was a bit more straightforward. They had the old 90-degree cement sidewalk that led from the front door to the driveway. Super simple, super old ideology. So introducing a new concrete paver walk that flowed smoothly over to the driveway made the front entry more inviting. Introducing a concrete paver apron at the garage doors was used as a tying element to pull the sidewalk pavers back into the architecture of the house.